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  • 4/21/2019 09:04 PM

My first week with the Looking Glass display!

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AAA Game Development

AAA Game Development AAA Game Development AAA Game Development
Crystal Dynamics/SquareEnix - Rockstar - Headtrip Games - Shiny Entertainment - EA - Angel Studios - THQ - Atari Games (original)

Game Credits:
Having a blast working at CrystalDynamics/SquareEnix on “The Avengers Project” Sr. Lighting Artist
RollerForce VR (Headtrip Games llc CEO)
iOmoon VR(Headtrip Games llc CEO)
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Env. Art)
GTA5 (Rockstar - Lighting & Sr. Env. Art)
MaxPayne 3 (Rockstar - Art Dir & Lighting)
Red Dead Redemption (Rockstar - outsourcing)
Turok (Xbox360, PS3 Env. Art)
Bully Scholarship (Rockstar - Art Dir/Env Art)
TombRaider Legend (CrystalDynamics EnvArt)
The Matrix: Path of Neo (Shiny Env. Art)
Enter The Matrix (Shiny/Atari  Env. Art)
Need for speed Underground (EA)
Test Drive Offroad: Wide Open (Angel Studios)
Smugglers Run (Angel Studios/Rockstar)
Road Rash 64 (THQ)
Jet Moto 3 (Sony 989 studios)
Gauntlet Legends (Atari Games - Arcade)

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